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AHSANI AGRICULTURE is family-owned and operated, growing high quality vegetables, produce, and pasture-raised meats, located in the mountains of Western Malaysia.  We are craftsmen and cultivators of the land, creating a place we call home, and sharing our journey with others.

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Our Introduction

We Manage Fresh Product Strategy

For many decades, nutritionists and other health professionals have tried to get consumers to consume more fresh produce. Yet fruit and vegetable marketing can be challenging. Fortunately, the public has become more interested in nutrition, the concept of “functional foods” and home cooking. Fresh produce business owners can take advantage of these trends to educate potential customers and encourage the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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AHSANI AGRICULTURE is a very beautiful farm view. We are nestled with a view of big farm, a field of vegetables, and farm animals grazing. They offer our custom timber frame pavilion for us to hold the event. We are grateful for your coordinate, supplied us fresh vegetables and meals, and allow us to grow vegetables, we enjoy the process so much.

Zhon Done Farmer

Waste can be cut and profits maximized at the grocery store by making hot and cold recipes whose fruits and vegetables are still fresh but nearing the end of their shelf life. These dishes are then sold from the deli, or from an in-store salad bar or hot food bar. But first I can buy the freshest and most organic vegetables directly from farm of AHSANI AGRICUTURE, which is undoubtedly the best for my health.

Christine Rose Farmer

We are encouraging others to include organic food as part of their story to respect and appreciate food and its producers. I'm grateful for organic food from AHSANI AGRICULTURE.

Katrina Grace Farmer

I love walking along the trails on the farm. It's cool and sunny in the morning, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the scenery of the trees and flowers on both sides of the trails, which modern people cannot experience in the city.

Jim Grace Farmer

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    Ullah Muhammad Ahsan


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